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Never did I Imagine, what is going on right now! Let’s take a step back for a sec. I know I am Not alone in this! For all the new folks that are taking this class for the first time, Did you ever imagine when you started this class, that you would be walking around repeating affirmations Constantly? My wife calls it “chanting”. LOL She hears me down in the sitting room at night, doing my habits and when I come back upstairs, she says “all done with your chanting”? “Yes dear”.

and then there’s those silly shapes all over your house, office, car or room

and then all of that reading! sometimes, reading stuff written almost a hundred years ago!

and then occasionally we color shapes like we did in kindergarten! Very Relaxing I must say now but still?

and all of those Damn Index Cards!!! It is never ending.

and then the constant blogging and all of those Polos!! DO I have to watch all of them just so I can post?

and then we have to get together every Sunday for 2 hours on Sunday for 6 months!

and then, there’s those every other week zooms

OM GOODNESS!! Did you ever imagine any of this?

Well, I do have to say …. I am GRATEFUL! Thank you Mark! Thank you for pursuing that guy with the “Happy Knack”! Because you did that, now, the rest of us can as well!!

So, right here, I would like to thank Mark, Davene, Jen, Day and Lori for what I just experienced over the past 6 months!! I didn’t know what to expect but what I got was more friends and some guidance that I could never put a price tag on! I am inexplicably HAPPIER, without a doubt! The “Do It Now”s have been interesting. There is too much now at the house and at work that I can’t just “walk by” any longer without “Doing something” about IT!

To TRIBE RESOLUTE, THANK YOU!! Thanks to our leader Brad for your ever present guidance. It has proved invaluable.

To My Fellow Yellow Pedro, thank you for your contribution to the FUN! Thanks also to Suzanne, Benny, Daniel, Deanna (Loved your Polos), Diane R (Miss you and hope you are good), Diane V (It was nice meeting you Last Night!), Juli (really enjoyed our interactions), Patti (always loved your perspective), Randy, Sandra (The Thinker….I can’t wait to see how this affects you) and of course Val. You all made a positive impact in my life and I thank you all for that.

To Jason and Nancy, you 2 were my ROCKS and I thank you Ooooh so much for that!! All of those hours on polos were sooooo Appreciated.

Nance, thanks for lighting a fire under my butt, to get those signs made, even though You were struggling with your own challenges!! THANK YOU and LOVE YOU and Can’t WAIT to MEET YOU!


Mark, that just leaves you. I don’t know where to start with you. I’ve wanted to meet you since around 1997 during my first go with MA. When Gary said to me about a year and a half ago, does the name Mark Januszewski ring any bells? I said “BIG GUY”, Boston accent, kind of loud and brash! Love the guy and always wanted to get in front of him! Is he still in the company? Yeah, I remember him, I always wanted to meet him but never got the opportunity ….. Next Month, THAT will be a Reality! Mark, thank you for being curious and persisting. We are all better FOR IT!

I hope you don’t mind me returning year after year. I don’t know if I’ll go as deep as my buddy, Jason (10 years in a row) but I have clearly found a home for now and will keep returning as long as I keep finding what I require. The goal was to become less of a DICK and I think that has been accomplished!! Now, I am no longer repelling people away from me! What a concept!

I can see this turning, relatively quickly into The LARGEST on line Self Improvement class in THE WORLD and am proud to have played a role in that!

I am looking forward to Sunday with you all and to What Comes NEXT!

I Always Keep My Promises – Todd Armstrong

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  • Wow what a recap of all you experienced in growth the last 6 months. And THANK YOU sir for diving in and sharing with all of us the greatness inside you.

  • Thanks so much for sharing your upbeat blog, Todd. I enjoyed reading it. Loved your shout outs to the staff of MKE and our Tribe Resolute! You’re an inspiration and I’m glad to be a fellow member of Tribe Resolute!

  • Inspiring blog Todd! Excellent recap of your growth and the value you chose to receive from your unique Master Key Experience. Keep shining your bright light my friend! Cheering you on as you continue your Hero’s Journey!

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