MKE Week 24 – Continued gratitude

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Coming so far and things are different. So grateful for all the changes and the additional ones to come. I have met so many wonderful people and have learned so many things.

It is amazing what I forgot or didn’t absorb during the 22/23 year. And now learnings are being perceived at a different level. The growth continues and I appreciate all the contrasts and becoming a different person.

Can never go back to being who I was and would not want to. Being born into a new person is so true and so appreciated. Wonderful to know that the recordings are there to be reviewed during the year alongside the four lost chapters we will be reviewing the next few months.

The never-ending growth is wonderful and very much appreciated. This is a lifelong process and learning. Thank you to the MKE staff, master coaches, junior coaches and everyone else in making all of this possible.

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