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This week I could hardly get out of the introduction to 24. There were several sentences that just spoke to me. Of course, the first thing that stands out is the second line what the course is all about per Mark, Davene, Emerson et al “you can get out of life exactly what you wish by first putting into life that which you wish.” The Law of Giving, give more get more. Simply put, be the change you want to see.

Then he goes on to say in the second paragraph the consciousness of this knowledge is as a gift from the Gods. It is the truth that makes people free. The way for you to have everything has been prepared for you. The text then is so rich and adds much depth and breath to the involution (spiritual def) as you descend within you evolve or ascend without.

So that once you understand and accept that creative thought allows for the connection to the universal mind and evolution, or manifestation is with mathematical certainty. This deeper awakening creates a higher consciousness or puts one on a higher plane, vibration if you will. you have become aware that you can’t solve an issue with the same vibration that created it. This awareness allows you to change to the next level of consciousness.

Then I like how he in essence says I don’t care how you get to this level of consciousness whether it is religion or whatever you’re understanding of the Thing. The master teacher showed the way. Physical science the law operates with mathematical certainty. The philosophy of Emerson, whichever it is, there are degrees of power where there are no limits.

I really love the last line of the introduction where he says knowing this principle explains how gold in the mind may be transmuted into gold in the heart and in the hand. This means to me that gold in the mind encompasses all the love, light, beauty, opulence, abundance, health, harmony, joy and peace that is.

In other words, everything that you understand the thing to be in conscious awareness. When you Know that your Mind plural is in connection with the the all Mind the Universal Mind. You can’t help but have a golden heart that gives and gives. Nor can you help to receive gold in the hand.

Then in 29,30,31 Haanel discusses that upon understanding an appreciating the truth that spirit possesses the power to think, and that thought is creative because spirit is creative and that it is impersonal, and you can control it for the benefit of yourself and others you will possess the Master-Key. “but remember that only those who are wise enough to understand, broad enough to weigh the evidence, firm enough to follow their own judgment, and strong enough to make the sacrifice exacted may enter and partake.”

There are many splendors for those who find themselves in the promised land.

Enjoy the journey to your Bliss! Love, Peace and Happiness!

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  • Thanks Marie for quoting the paragraph. Knowing not how dazzling the reality will be!

  • So agree with you about Week 24 of this Master Key System. The magnificent introduction leads perfectly with the final exercise of this amazing 6 month experience:

    31. This week, try to realize that this is truly a wonderful world in which we live, that you are a wonderful being that many are awakening to a knowledge of the Truth, and as fast as they awake
    and come into a knowledge of the “things which have been prepared for them” they, too, realize that “Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither hath it entered into the heart of man,” the splendors which exist for those who find themselves in the Promised Land. They have crossed the river of judgment
    and have arrived at the point of discrimination between the true and the false, and have found that all they ever willed or dreamed, was but a faint concept of the dazzling reality.

  • Thanks Joan, I’ve appreciated you comments and support so much. Thanks again.

  • Hi Michael, The creative process is to become the self-directed thinker you were meant to be by our creator. I have enjoyed reading your blogs this year and congratulate you on your commencement.

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