MKE Week 24 -In Pursuit of the Truth

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The truth will set you free. It’s not a slogan, it’s a verified scientific fact. All aspects of a giving and happy life revolve around the truth. All harmony, health and abundance are contained in the truth.

We learn in the Master Key part 24, paragraph 4 this week, that

“in order to express harmony, you must think harmony; in order to express health, you must think health; and in order to express abundance, you must think abundance.”

The Master Key System, Charles Haanel

We know that a vital principle is contained in the truth. In other words by concentrating on truth and its law, and by applying the creative power of thought, we know that we can eliminate discord, disease and poverty in ourselves, and even for others.

In making a connection with the Universal mind, which contains all truth, we can thereby create circumstances or an environment of a life well lived. This is an exciting truth in itself, but we must remember that the law which creates can also create discord, disease and lack if we allow our concentration to be distracted by thoughts not in harmony with the truth.

Concentration is the main word here. The power of focused thought with a definite purpose in mind is the key to a better, more fulfilling life. We must train our minds to see only the truth, as it is accessed through the “world within”.

As we learn in part 24, paragraph 22

“It is this truth which makes you “free” and it is the conscious knowledge of this truth which will enable you to overcome every difficulty.”

The Master Key System, Charles Haanel

Those who don’t realize the excitement of that statement as Thoreau said, “lead lives of quiet desperation.”

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