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Our last week in MKE and what was the biggest thing that changed me?

To live each and every day as if it is my last. To be grateful every day to everyone and everything around me. In order to express harmony I must live in harmony, in order to express health, I must live in health, if I am to live in abundance, I must think about abundance. I get exactly what I think about the most.

We are not a body with a spirit, we are a spirit in a body. Most people think of God as something outside of themselves when actually it is the very life within. We would be dead without it. The minute the spirit leaves the body we are nothing. Spirit is really all there is of us.

We are all going to die at some point, so live life to the fullest. We have the power to control our destiny, our health, our wealth. 

Sitting in silence creates miraculous things to feed our spirit for the dreams and desires in this wonderful life we live in. 

I am so grateful my energy brought me to this class. I am so grateful my husband took the class with me. I am grateful for Mark, Davene, Lori, Jen, Nancy, Day, Carolyn Huff and all of you in my Marco Polo group and Mastermind groups. This has changed my life and has been a wonderful journey that will last a lifetime.

As Mark would say…Peace be the Journey 🙂

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  • Hey Cheryl, it is a wonderful life and it is so cool that we can control our Destiny. I am glad to have shared the journey. Love, peace and happiness!

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