MKE Week 24 – Mastering Your Mind: The Power of Focus and Positive Thinking

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In “The Greatest Salesman in the World,” Og Mandino talks about this scroll called “The Scroll Marked VI.” It’s all about keeping your head in the game and staying focused on what you’re doing.

Mandino says you must control your emotions and stay present, without letting distractions or negative thoughts mess you up.

It’s like what Charles F. Haanel talks about in “The Master Key, Part Twenty-Four.” Haanel also hammers on about concentration and visualizing what you want. They both say that your thoughts shape your reality, so you better keep ’em positive and focused on your goals.

Basically, both Mandino and Haanel are all about training your mind to attract success and abundance by staying positive and focused on what you want. It’s like they’re saying, “Keep your eye on the prize, and you’ll get there!”

Thank you, Mark, Davene, Michael P, Lori, Nancy, Jen, Day and Team, for the amazing experience of introducing me to the methods to becoming the best me!!

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