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Pleasing Personality is my word for this week’s Franklin Makeover. I this week have been surprised at how many people I have observed with pleasing personalities. I think sometimes we really overlook them because those who do not have pleasing personalities leave a harsher impression on us.

While I often go to my 2.5-year-old for many of these as he has no problem expressing many of the Makeover Qualities, this week my husband and my daughter have been in pleasing personalities all week.

I have witnessed the Mailman talking to my son with his pleasing personality to a lady leaving the doctors office knowing she needed to be back next week, to myself having a pleasing personality when talking to everyone this week.

Through all these exercises and the introduction to the Laws of Least Effort, I find it much easier to be myself and enjoy the moments of life. Accepting when things happen and always looking for the positive even when the situation might not be the best.

No opinions is not always easy even now but it I find that I pause and think about what I am going to say before saying things. I can see all the tools within everything I do and some I do without even thinking about them, which is amazing.

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