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Week 24: Symphony of Energy

Everything we’ve learned so far has come together like a beautiful melody that brought together sounds, music, peace, and joy. It was like a delicious cake, savored slowly, each bite revealing new flavors, textures, and subtle hints of spices and more. It was an explosion, of emotions and thoughts creating sounds, smells and more in my mind!

The video cartoon of the pebbles and protons shot through slits fascinated me. Everything is made up of atoms, electrons, and protons, constantly dispersing and recombining. We explored the connection between ourselves and the universe.

The dance of energy is the most magnificent of all performances! Cirque du Soleil I’m sure does a good job expressing this gorgeous Dance of Life! They are touring, and the show is called “Drawn to Life” … I’m putting it on my bucket list!

For years, I’d experienced anxiety around MRI scans. The noise was unbearable, pounding in my head and body. I feared being still, and of course, now I realize subconsciously my fear triggered movement, leading to re-scans. Subby was hard at work!

I had two MRIs, Saturday, however, things were different, each an hour long. During the first, I only moved once due to sneezing caused by the breeze the air conditioner coming on created. I almost panicked, but instead, I smiled, breathed, and relaxed. Thankfully, the scan wasn’t interrupted and didn’t have to start over.

The second MRI took me to a place of profound stillness. The sounds transformed into music and chanting. I felt like I left my body, merging with the sounds and visuals. When the technician startled me by announcing the end of the scan, I was surprised and exhilarated. It was the longest period of conscious stillness I’d ever experienced.

This experience solidified my belief in the power of these practices – I truly felt more in control of my mind and body.

This Sunday’s program was particularly emotional for me. Watching Jim MacLaren and Emanuel Tuffor’s stories of their challenges and the grit and determination they had to push through them and excel to go on helping others, made my own struggles seem insignificant. I couldn’t help but cry! Their stories inspire me to continue sharing yoga, especially with beginners, the elderly, and those with physical limitations or insecurities.

Mark’s story was the emotional icing on the cake. I resonated with his son experiencing how he must have felt because his father was not able to be there for his school activities. Mark’s emotions and his feelings of how deeply sorry he felt for not being able to be there, his apology, his tears deeply affected me.

It was a sentiment I’d never heard expressed by a father, and it made me wonder if my own father, on his deathbed, had ever felt remorse, sadness or sought forgiveness. My dad, however, did not attend our school activities for the same reasons Mark wasn’t able to, but that does not matter. At that time in my life all I knew was that it hurt me deeply. And Mark knew how deeply his son was probably hurt and he expressed his remorse. It was beautiful!

The concept of energetic connection truly resonated with me. I felt a profound sense of forgiveness as I acknowledged the possibility that because everything is energy and we are all connected, my father was seeking forgiveness through Mark’s story and I heard it, felt it.

The shared tears online during this session and the Q&A session were a testament to the healing power of this program. It was a balm for our hearts and souls.

Week 24 was Truly Transformative. Thank you, MKE.

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  • Thank you Aurora for a very thoughtful writing of your experience, I agree how amazing everything has come together like a beautiful melody.

  • Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful story, Aurora. I enjoyed reading how MRIs no longer cause anxiety for you and that you now know how to be relaxed while undergoing an MRI. Every description and emotion you wrote about throughout your blog I could visualize, feel, and hear as it was happening. Thank you for sharing your Hero’s Journey. You are Nature’s Greatest Miracle.

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