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The first 3 to 4 weeks seemed as 6 months was going to be a long time. Going back to school, the workbook was almost intimidating. Doing the exercises, writing my DMP over and over, having to blog, doing the shapes, readings and sits; I thought, is this even possible?

Several things kept me in the game. I had been looking, and MKE showed up. I was in the middle of Color Code and Standing Tall and was already experiencing some great changes in my life, I liked the Training Solutions team, and even though it seemed like a lot, I was ready to do my best.

More Haanel lessons, more science presented, more videos, more sits, the Frankling Makeover, Wattles, Emerson, Hero’s Journy movies, new habits being formed, more concrete coming off, more inexplicable things being observed, laws of the mind, the mental diet, the polo tribe mastermind, alliances, the law of least effort and the list goes on.

Pretty soon it got to the point where the weeks were flying by and the Sunday webinars seemed to be happening too soon, too close together. There is no way another week has gone by!

Now, it has been 6 months, and I’m thinking, there’s no way it has already been six months. All the concrete is not off yet, but there is no going back. I am grateful for the Training Solutions team and the environment they made available to us all, all the guides, all the masterminding teammates, and me.

When I first started this experience, I stated that I was dancing; dancing like Elaine in Seinfeld, but dancing. I am still dancing, not dancing like Fred Astaire yet, but definitely not like Elaine anymore.

This party just started, and my dancing ticket is full!

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  • That was such a good blog which I am sure most of us can relate. Everything you said was so true. I am laughing when you said the Sunday calls are coming too soon. Can another week have gone by already? Even though I read Haanel every day by the time it was sinking in we were on to the next one. LOL!

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