Week Eight: Thought and your results obey the law of growth...

We are continuing to learn how to raise our awareness to the achievement of possibilities we didn't previously know existed.

Join us for an adventure in discovering your future self, clarify what you want your life to be - and plan the action to achieve it.

Reflections on the Week Eight

Thought is where it begins.  Freedom to think constructive or destructive thoughts that result in harmony or inharmony courtesy of the law of growth.  

Now a little tidbit to connect it all.

Imagination is the playground of our constructive thoughts, “the light by which we can penetrate new worlds of thought and experience.”What I find fascinating is that imagination can be utilized with observation to look below the surface. That it highlights how thought is responsible for so many things that we might have never considered before.  

I am intrigued by this different lens. What is your biggest takeaway?

Brad VanLanen

mke certified guide


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