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Eight weeks have flown by and what should I chew on? Can’t believe how much food for thought we’ve been given! Realizing how our thoughts govern everything in our lives is daunting!

Never gave much thought to how our words are so important. I used to think especially for certain derogatory words used in our everyday language that it was nothing. It was how you used them, took them! What was the big deal?

I never really chewed on this thought before that we create our world without by our thinking within and turning those thoughts into physical reality. Relearning to think positive, constructive, harmonious thoughts and using them to cancel out the negative, destructive thoughts that seep into our minds takes practice and work. I knew deep inside that I wanted to master this!

From as far back as I can remember, the language used in and around me was more negative than positive. It became a way of life to speak with colorful words in your speech! It was how you expressed yourself!

When something went haywire, easy to say and/or use words that were cuss words, expletives, very colorful to express ourselves and our reactions to the situations. Heck even when we spoke of things we liked, we had to throw in colorful words to describe the feeling, situation or even how cool something was!

Little did we know that those words, together with our feelings and emotions were creating our outer world and what we would attract in our lives. I loved Scroll II, taking the ‘will’ shifted everything for me!

To think that my thoughts result in action and if I keep my thoughts positive and do not allow my thoughts to be dragged into the abyss of darkness and keep them in the Light, I then have good harmonious thoughts, feelings and results.

I begin to create my world without according to the beauty I think and create through my thoughts within.

Hmmnn, let me sit and contemplate and listen to my soul! Let me write and speak words of harmony, inspiration, love, hope and joy!

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  • Great post Aurora. Yes, using colorful have become normal. Glad you too now are words of harmony, inspiration, love, hope and joy! Love that last sentence.

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