MKE Week 8 – Shifting Our Thoughts

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This week’s experience underscores the profound impact of acknowledging the destructiveness of our mental habits, echoing the wisdom of George Matthews Adams who advises,

“Learn to keep the door shut, keeping out of your office and your world every element that seeks admittance with no definite helpful end in view.”

George Matthews Adams

Addressing our critical and destructive thoughts involves harnessing the power of imagination to transform negative thinking.

By observing our thoughts without judgment and staying present, we create a space for tranquility, allowing us to engage in visualizations. This includes envisioning positive outcomes and treating negative thoughts as fleeting clouds in the sky.

Alternatively, one can picture placing critical thoughts into a balloon and releasing them, watching them float away. Imagination becomes the key to unlocking new realms of thought and experience, reshaping negative thoughts into metaphors and evolving patterns into positive and constructive ones.

Focusing on a few positive affirmations while remaining vigilant to triggers that lead to negative thinking is a choice we can make. Mindfulness aids in observing thoughts without judgment and maintaining calmness through focused breathing.

The paramount role of imagination in this process transforms a critical thought into a crumbling wall that we confidently rebuild.

Establishing a routine of building positive affirmations becomes crucial in consistently countering critical thoughts. Actively engaging in activities that bring joy and fulfillment intentionally is vital for managing critical and destructive thoughts through imagination.

Changing negative thought patterns requires time and consistent effort, and the combination of imagination with mindfulness techniques emerges as a effective strategy for shifting our focus.

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  • I love your ideas of releasing those negative intruders. I liked Mark’s writing down and burning them also, but yours are immediately usable and beautiful. Thank you, Chrislyn!

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