MKE Week 18 – Giving Myself Permission

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Giving myself permission

My reaction to “The Strangest Secret” by Earl Nightingale has been transformative. I have made a conscious commitment to adopting its principles into my life, particularly the idea of having a definite goal. The concept that our thoughts shape our reality resonates with me, and I find it empowering.

I have taken the advice to heart, dedicating time listening to the recording frequently. It has become a ritual, a source of motivation and guidance. The emphasis on the power of our thoughts and the impact they have on our actions has made me more mindful of what occupies my mind.

Having a clear, burning desire for a specific goal is now at the forefront of my approach. I am actively defining what I genuinely want and setting clear objectives. The idea that a fervent desire serves as the initial spark toward achieving goals has motivated me to pursue my aspirations with renewed energy.

Concentration on my purpose is a key practice. I consistently focus on the desired outcomes, visualize success, and maintain a positive mental attitude. This concentrated focus not only sharpens my vision but also attracts opportunities and solutions aligned with my objectives.

“The Strangest Secret” has sparked a revelation within me – the profound realization that I have the power and give myself permission to. shape my life through my chosen thoughts. This revelation has become a guiding principle, transforming my mindset, and influencing my outcomes.

My commitment to frequently listening to “The Strangest Secret” together with MKE lessons has become a compass for my journey, steering me towards a more purposeful life.

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  • That is wonderful, Chrislyn! I love Earl Nightingale. Though I haven’t listened to the material in a while, I can clearly hear his voice when he says those words in my head:)

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