MKE Week 18 – I Persist Persisting

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There it is. Resistance. Massive, major.

This journey is one I embrace wholeheartedly. I have stumbled and fumbled but really had no hard resistance. And I pushed through what little I felt.

I can proudly say I continue to persist.

Yet, I find it very interested that one of the easiest things that came to me is what I am finding the strongest resistance to recently. The Sit.

I have most definitely reprogrammed some new habits in; my nighttime habits are set. Readings, affirmations, Gal in the Glass, 10 push-ups and a few other nit-noid personal things are locked in.

But the Sit…wow. Did old blue poke and prod many things and found a winner to try to break me?

Oh well, old blue loses. I persist.

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  • I agree, Amy. We are new to this and I count my diligence in sitting and doing my best as a successful sit.

  • I can relate- I do not have perfect sits. As long as I can acknowledge when I go sideways and make my way back I consider it a successful sit.

  • Congrats Ramona for continuing to embrace your Hero’s Journey. You are being the observer and welcoming all the ebbs and flows of your adventure! Cheering you on!

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