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When I was in my teens, like most adolescents, I never felt like I belonged. I was raised in the era of Star Trek, and had a mother that, despite her rural upbringing, had a passion for the arts and science fiction.

She took me to my first Star Trek convention. I always knew there was so much more out there than the physical plane. In my teen awkwardness, I frequently wished I would be beamed off the planet because I never felt I fit in.

In one episode of The Next Generation, there was an alien visitor that was undergoing a physical metamorphosis, from a corporeal being to an energy being. He was being hunted by his own people because they feared him; they did not understand that the transformation was a natural progression in the evolution of their species.

I just returned from a cruise on Saturday, and today, both my daughter and I weren’t feeling that great; hopefully, nothing serious, other than vacation let-down. I read aloud and recorded Part 18 for future sits and settled in for my meditation.

Sitting for Part 18 today, has begun my Metamorphosis. I have experienced amazing energy in a couple of previous sits, but today’s was like no other. The first clue was my cat, Jimmy. (He seems to sense when I am going to be meditating, and he was on my lap.)

As I thought about Part 18, I found myself easily disconnecting from my physical self and connecting with the Universal Mind. I was “energized” physically and bombarded with amazing light; first pink and turquoise and then amazing bright white light.

I was bathed in energy and light; I could see myself glowing despite having my eyes closed. My feeling of malaise was flushed out of my body, and I marveled at sensations I experienced.

A new civilization is being born; customs, creeds, and precedent are passing; vision, faith, and service are taking their place. The fetters of tradition are being melted off from humanity, and as the impurities of materialism are being consumed, thought is being liberated and truth is rising full robed before an astonished multitude.

Charles Haanel, The Master Key System, 18:4

I thought about the story of the woman and the Carpenter, who touched his robes, and He felt the energy leave him and heal her affliction. This is what oneness feels like; to experience a divine connection and to be a part of the Universal Mind.

The whole world is on the eve of a new consciousness, a new power, and a new realization within the self.

Charles Haanel, The Master Key System, 18:5

My previous experiences with this energy connection were short-lived, and fragile. If I moved, I would lose the connection. Today was so different. Although I kept my eyes closed, I was able to move my hands and arms.

I petted Jimmy, sharing the life force with him. (He’s almost 18 and can use a bit of divinity.) I was able to lean my head back, resting it on my hands, and bathed in the glorious white light.

I concentrated on absorbing the energy physically, feeling it throughout my body, and focusing on healing myself. I focused the energy on my husband & daughter, who were in different rooms, directing healing energy their way.

I thought about my DMP, and bathed my purpose in the Universal Mind, and concentrated on the work necessary to move myself to the person I intend to become. All of my thoughts reverberating with energy and glorious light.

In previous energy encounters, the sessions were no more than 12 minutes long. When I opened my eyes, and checked the clock, I had been able to bathe in the experience for 28 minutes. As I sit here, chronicling the experience, I can still feel the residual energy. And the malaise that I was experiencing has vanished!

There is a change in the thought of the world. This change is silently transpiring in our midst, and is more important than any which the world has undergone since the downfall of Paganism. These present revolutions in the opinions of all classes of men, the highest and the most cultured of men as well as those of the laboring class, stands unparalleled in the history of the world.

Charles Haanel, The Master Key System, 18:1-2

Butterflies and moths undergo metamorphosis, but they do not think about the process as we are able. Again, we come back to our power of thought; to dare, to embark, to engage, to reflect and to direct our thoughts.

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  • Hi Geri, Very interesting insights on your meditation practice and how it is changing you. I enjoyed your post.

  • I remember that Next Generations episode…Transmutations. Thank you for describing it so well. Beautiful. Welcome Home.

  • Thanks so much for sharing your experience Geri. I thoroughly enjoyed reading what you wrote. I could see the pink, turquoise, and white colours you described being bathed in and visualized everything you described. 💖Thanks for sharing!

  • Inspiring blog Geri! Thank you for sharing your experience during your meditation (Sit) time. So happy you are experiencing the harvest of your practice sessions and engaging in the exercises.

    We all start off feeling “unfamiliar” with a new task…and if we choose to engage and practice, shortly what was once unfamiliar becomes familiar and we can fine-tune our skills…just like you are doing. Bravo!! And sharing your energy life force with your loved ones and of course your cat Jimmy is an added blessing for all!

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