MKE Week 18 – Roadmaps, GPS’s and an Old Man

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We all are on a journey. Whether they know it or not everyone on this entire planet, in fact, is on a journey. Some don’t know it.

Others do but don’t care where they’re going, while others may have a destination in mind but have either run off the road and find themselves stuck in the mud or perhaps they’ve set out with a destination in mind but have no idea how to get there because they, intentionally or not, forgot to include a road map in their planning or perhaps, their vehicle lacks a GPS unit.

I, for one, was in the group that has always set out to explore and seek a destination. My destination however, was never clear and I cared very little for the tools available to me to navigate to that destination.

I mean, why spend time figuring out how to get “there” if you don’t know where “there” is?! And then, a destination appeared in my mind. Overtime that destination became clearer and clearer in my mind.

My destination was through the woods, across several fast running rivers, beyond several mountain passes as well as through some treacherous mud bogs. Beings that my vehicle of choice was an elite sports car, I however chose to stay on the 8 lane highway.

As I drove on to my destination from the comfort of the paved 8 lane highway, I was constantly reminded of my destination by all the advertisements along the side of the road. Yet they never indicated an exit from which to take off the highway.

They seemed to actually entice me to stay on the highway until I could see the next advertisement. This soon led to frustration so I quit looking at the signs, forgot about my destination and continued down the highway thinking I was enjoying the ride.

Every so often I’d get a glimpse of a sign that reminded me of that destination I had envisioned so often but had shoved out of my mind and finally, out of frustration, I just veered off the highway the first exit. I was immediately confronted with the idea that I had no idea which way to turn to get to my destination.

Fortunately for me, there was an old man sitting by the exit and I stopped to ask him for directions. After telling the old man my story, he informed me that I wasn’t terribly far from my destination but I’d never make it in my sports car.

He told me that for a cup of coffee, he’d show me where I could trade my sports car in for a 4X4 truck. I had to think about that for a second. I REALLY loved my sports car, but I really wanted to get to the destination too.

I knew that if I mulled it over too long I’d never do it so I just said what the heck let’s do it. The old man hopped in, we grabbed his coffee at the next stop and headed off to get my truck.

Within a mile of driving off the lot in my “new to me” truck, I really started to wonder what I had just done. Having driven a sports car my whole life, it felt strange to maneuver the truck and my perspective of the outside from the driver’s seat was completely different.

It felt so strange. But, the old man assured me that it was a great vehicle for the route. He also assured me that, for the price of another cup of coffee, that he would show me the best way to get across the river that we were rapidly approaching.

I would like to continue the story by telling of how wonderful the destination is and how accomplished I feel for having made it through the obstacles that I encountered since leaving the safety of the highway. But I can’t. You see, I’m still heading towards my destination.

I have the right vehicle. I have a guide. Turns out, the old man has gone this way many times and he enjoys showing others the way. He offered to ride along if I’d buy him…you guessed it, a cup of coffee. Turns out, he’s got every map needed for this journey as well as a GPS in his old crumpled up and weathered knapsack.

Peace be the Journey! Let’s go slay some dragons!

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  • Wow, Ron! You articulated perfectly my life and current situation. And I know we have had and have very different lives. Wow, wow, wow. We really are ALL on the same journey, with the same past and future. Yet all different journeys, pasts and futures. Ain’t that something…

  • Intoxicating story, Ron. Wonder what the next part of the journey is going to look like…

  • Bravo Ron what a cool post, the old man does have some tools in his pack. Thanks for sharing

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