MKE Week 18 – Selling You on You

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What does that even mean, you might ask.
I was wondering the same thing.

Selling you on you is about:
Recognizing Your Unique Strengths
Being proud of your quirks
Embracing your flaws
Understanding your true worth
Standing tall in your own shoes
A journey to self-discovery and self-appreciation
Becoming your own best friend

It is all about self-love and acceptance. Embracing your true self.
It is a philosophy that, when fully embraced, can transform your life. It causes a mindset shift in how you view yourself and your place in the world. To sell you on you, means to connect, welcome in, and feel the feelings of everything you dream of bringing into your life. When you believe in yourself, the world begins to believe in you as well.

But here’s the thing: I realize I still have not fully accepted who I am. Deep down, I still believe that I need to be accepted by others before I can accept myself. When they accept my quirks, flaws, and unique strengths, I will be able to accept and embrace them as well.

I believe I am aware of my own unique strengths. But I keep second-guessing them because I do not think they have been fully accepted. As a child, I observed how other children were acknowledged by their parents. They felt validated by them. I believe I am still seeking acknowledgement and validation before I can fully embrace myself.

What did it cost me, you may ask?
Well, I have put myself in the waiting room of life. Waiting to be free, to be and know how valuable I am, and to radiate “I have been fully accepted to be myself.” Therefore, I am valuable.” Hello world, here I come with my unique self.

It makes me sad to realize that I am still trying to fit into shoes that were not designed for me, and to see so many other people doing the same thing.

You might say, “I have not put myself in the waiting room of life.” However, when you conform to the norms of society, the industry, and even people close to you, you are unintentionally and intentionally led to believe that this is the key to success or happiness. To conform to the one-size-fits-all. Then you have also put yourself on hold.

This is a path of constantly chasing someone else’s definition of success or feeling disconnected from oneself and the world. Or you may have limited yourself to being locked in the confines of your own home, fulfilling the caps with material possessions and taking one or two vacations per year.

When you are disconnected from your true self and attract things that do not match your heart’s desires, you will feel lost. Unfortunately, most people are unaware that they are disconnected and not true to themselves.

I am aware. But now it is time for me to leave the waiting room of life.

Isn’t it about time for you to break free from the molds others try to fit you into and to truly celebrate the amazing individuals that you are?

I know it is for me. I have known for a long time now that the waiting room doesn’t align with my authentic self. Selling you on you brings freedom. Freedom from the constraints of societal and personal expectations. Knowing that other people’s opinions do not determine your worth.

What I truly want for myself and everyone else is to feel the freedom that comes from fully accepting yourself, embracing your uniqueness, flaws and all, and loving yourself.

Have you put yourself in a waiting room, or are you constantly selling yourself?

Selling yourself begins with becoming aware of your own values, passions, and strengths. By embracing your authenticity and uniqueness.

You are nature’s greatest miracle.
You are a unique creature of nature.
You are rare, and there is value in all rarity
Therefore, you are valuable.

Og Mandino

When you let go of what no longer serves you and stop comparing your worth to others, you open the door to new opportunities. Set boundaries, distance yourself, or let go of anything that drains your energy and drags you down.

Surround yourself with positivity and believe that you are deserving of whatever you desire. Being true to yourself attracts opportunities that reflect your authentic self. This leads to a more fulfilling life, a stronger connection with yourself, and better relationships with others.

I have noticed that being true to yourself makes everything seem brighter; you radiate positivity, and the universe can not help but respond in kind. I am so grateful to be experiencing this more and more. Thank you, Universe. Thank you, Master Key Experience.

Choosing to remain in the waiting room of life is like wearing shoes that are too small. It only leads to disaster and dissatisfaction, leaving you feeling disconnected and living a life that does not reflect your true desires. It is a missed opportunity to live a life authentic to yourself.

So embrace the unique, incredible individual that you are. Be your own biggest cheerleader. Celebrate your victories, big or small, and learn from your setbacks. Sell yourself on the idea that you are enough exactly as you are. It is more than just a philosophy; it is a way of life.

Each one of us has something special, something that makes us shine. When you fully embrace this something special and way of life, the world becomes a canvas for you to express your unique authentic self. You unlock a world full of possibilities.

Selling You On You is the key to unlocking the door to a life that truly resonates with your heart.
Isn’t that worth it?

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