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This week for some reason I find it hard to think about the subject of my blog. Normally I have an experience or some type of reflection but this week I am really finding it difficult to put anything into words.

I have been faithful to the exercises, mostly faithful to connection with my Master Mind partner each day (I have let life get in the way a little with this but am always trying to be better), got into the members area and commented on 2 of my Franklin Makeover stuff this week. I do my sits, reads, index cards and juggle my 2 year old and a full time job working from home while also trying to keep my mind on my network marketing too.

I think this week has honestly just burnt me out. My routine has been off. Not getting my sits and reads in until the end of the day when I normally take some time mid-day.

At my 40-hour job, we transitioned to a new platform. Anyone who has ever been at a company that has done this, you know nothing ever goes right. This was exactly the case.

They decided to turn off the old system and basically launched the new one with no beta testing first. Of course everything wasn’t working, orders not processing correctly and I had to field a lot of escalated customers.

I can say I got to practice a lot the law of substitution and made sure before I got on the phone to actually say anything to these escalated customers, sent over some calming and loving vibes by saying they are “Whole, Perfect, Strong, Powerful, Loving, Harmonious and Happy”. I also threw in Calm for good measure.

I can report no one yelled at me. Many expressed their concerns or dissatisfactions with things but no one was mean. Everyone was respectful and understood.

As we embark at the end of the week, things are starting to turn around at work which is good. Next week I expect that things will be back to some sort of normalcy, and I will be able to get back into the groove that I have had with handling my days.

We also switched scrolls yesterday and I am still really processing it. Things with the obituaries make sense and I am starting to treat each day like it is my last.

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  • What an amazing way to use the tools, Amy. Way to go! Congratulations on setting a calm experience for all, including yourself.

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