MKE Week 18 – Small Changes Ripple Outward

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You’ve been on a hell of a Journey but now, it’s time to breath. It is said that we will perform better when we are happier! I have to say, that my One Big take Away from this class IS that I am HAPPIER! No doubt about it, Mark! Life is just better when you are happy so why not make the choice to Always Be Happy?

You’d think it would be easy but if you’re like me, with a bunch of bad programing upstairs, then Week 18 is where YOU should BE! In week 18 we learn of the benefits of writing 3 gratitudes per day, recognizing Kindness, a little exercise, Reliving a moment and sitting daily in silence and that Benefit is that You Will be Happier!


“Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof

Clap along if you feel like Happiness is the Truth

Clap along if you know what Happiness is to you

Clap along if you Feel like that’s what you Want to do”

Just get Happy and Stay there!

That’s All I’ve Got!

I Always Keep My Promises – Todd Armstrong

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  • Thanks so much for sharing how the MKE has helped you be happier! You’re an inspiration to me.😄

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