MKE Week 18 – The Future Is As Clear As You Want It To Be

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This week we started a new chapter to live like today was your last, what would you do, who would you go and spend time with what would you tell them that tomorrow you will no longer be here?

How do you weigh such a decision? Suddenly things, people and positions don’t seem to matter, just family and friends, those who truly matter. Would you spend the day with some special family members and go to the beach somewhere?

You don’t want to waste a single second, so you must make it somewhere close! But how do you have the conversation with them that this is the last day they will ever see you.

Immediately of course they will think the worst, how do you calm them how do you make them understand? If you have a wife or husband this would be especially hard even more so if you have children how, so you explain this to them?

You just want to be with them as long as you can and don’t want to get overloaded with questions as to why and for them to get emotional and the day is somber, and the moment is ruined.

So here is what you do, you wait until the day is over and you sit them down in a group and tell them that tomorrow you will no longer be here. You can’t answer any questions but that you will always love them and want them to cherish the moments you lived and created together.

The number question is going to be WHY, but you can’t answer that as it just has to be this way and they need to accept it. This chapter really gets you in the feels and it’s a powerful statement but more importantly you begin to shift the focus on the things and people who truly matter in your life.

I’m convinced if people began to do this every day of their lives, they would no longer take things for granted and what they value in their lives would change forever. The world could change in a single day with millions beginning to embrace this concept.

Live each day as if it was your last. Sit quietly and really ponder this thought. It’s life changing and would be world changing if everyone began to do it. Until next time, and there will be a next time!

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