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I find myself spending time this week thinking about power. It is said that one of the reasons people don’t have success in manifesting their desires, is lack of power. What is the solution to lack of power, to get power.

I know how Haanel is discussing power. So, I went to the dictionary to look up power. Now I have always used a dictionary and I am using it much more as I read Wattles and Haanel. Now of course you would think that one would readily know the definition of power. Yet once you look at it you see that there are more than a few ways to it is define.

For instance, once I got to the definition it required me to go the fourth use to find something that fit the way that Haanel is using it. “Energy that is produced by mechanical, electrical, or other means and used to operate a device.” So, the device is the mind. Thought is energy or the dynamic phase of the mind. Which is the energy of the law of attraction or love.

Here it becomes more compelling, to use power, you must consciously know you have power. Better yet you must use it or lose it. Attention is the key to having power. The amount of attention determines one’s ability to gain knowledge, which is also power. It is said that the distinguishing mark of genius is attention. One needs practice to cultivate attention.

Now it gets better, did I already say that? Interest drives attention, attention drives intention defined intention then requires more attention in the form of concentration. So does that mean a loop is connected whereby cause and effect affect each other. Like the thought/condition, image/mirror, or picture/thing connection.

Then in the exercise this week it is like one is trying to get to what is underneath our heredity. Which is the fruit of the parent stock in the physical realm. While in the Spiritual realm, the fruit depends on the nature of the seed. The mind or one’s consciousness of the power of the law of cause and effect.

Wishing all more insight and more power in 2024.

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  • Michael, fascinating how you link harnessing power to conscious attention. Great insight on using our minds more effectively.

  • Appreciating your take on power. Just looked up the good ol’ etymology online and I liked: “exercising great influence in a community.”

  • Really liked your insights and all the linking connections you made between attention, intention and concentration. Thanks!

  • Hi Michael, Very interesting blog about Power and the ways it is defined in the dictionary.

  • Insightful blog Michael! You are digging deep and thinking for yourself, how the readings apply to your Life….allowing your own light to shine. Cheering you on as you uncover more insights for your Hero’s Journey!

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