MKE Week 18 – Wide Open Throttle

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As a car buff I was relating my love of cars… fast cars… loud fast cars, to my journey through rebuilding my subconscious mind.

You’re probably wondering how I could possibly relate two totally disparate subjects.

Well, let me tell you.

First, all cars have an engine. For sake of discussion I’m speaking only of gasoline powered vehicles at this time. In order for the engine to function it needs three things, Air, Fuel, and Spark. Clean oxygen rich Air. High quality Fuel. And a hot Spark. Much like our body needs clean oxygen rich Air, nutrient rich food for Fuel, and the Spark of a dream or goal to keep our engine running.

Second, all cars, whether manual or automatic transmission, generally have a Park/Neutral position, a Reverse position, and multiple Forward positions. Much like your mind, you can sit in Park or Neutral and go nowhere just wasting energy. You can go in Reverse, which when it comes to your mind is NEVER a good option, or you can decide to move forward at a speed that is comfortable and of your own choosing. The higher the gear the faster you go. The engine drives the transmission.

Third, someone driving the car. When it comes to loud fast cars the driver should be fearless, willing to take a few risks, have a desire to go fast, and not afraid of what lies ahead.

And so it is with rebuilding our subconscious mind. We must be fearless in our pursuit. We must be willing to take a few risks. We must put it in high gear with a desire to go fast. We must not be fearful of what lies ahead.

Put the pedal to the metal and keep the journey at Wide Open Throttle.


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  • As a fellow gearhead, this really resonated with me. I especially connected with your comment about moving at our own speed…as long as we are moving forward. Great post!

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