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My mom passed away 26 years ago. She lived with cancer and the treatments that came along with it for over 20 years since she was first diagnosed.

Going through some personal items of hers, I came across some things that had me reflect on my conditioning. How, what she did or didn’t do or complete had an impact on my blueprint.

Nothing wrong, but the evidence was clear. I understood how my surroundings and upbringing impacted me as a way of being–it once again reaffirmed it. I’m unsure what her WHY was.

She was a very protective mom who always had my and my siblings’ backs. She wasn’t perfect, but neither was her childhood. But what else was going on with her? I believe she left us with music still in her.

My why is not 100% clear to me, but it is something I continue to connect with as I don’t want to leave this blue planet we call home with music still in me. My why for now is to do what’s in me to do and see it to completion.

The reason I took on what I’ve taken on in my life so far is the possibility that’s in me of doing what I can do. That means doing uncomfortable things I don’t know HOW to do but must do to get it done!

I’m grateful I have my health and am here for my family.

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  • Thanks so much for sharing your story Lynn. My Mom died from cancer 23 years ago so I was drawn to your story. I’m glad you are following your “why” even though it’s not 100% clear. I’m also grateful you are healthy and will be an inspiration to your family!

  • Thank you, Day. The Master Key Experience is the type of inner work I enjoy doing, and I love connecting with people who like doing the same.

  • Lynn, what a bold view of your current state. I know I’m also very grateful to have the Master Key Experience class tools to help me get that why and the courage to meet it. Thank you for sharing your perspective.

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