MKE Week 15 – A Moment That Took My Breath Away

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Whoops. I am late on my blog. I simply forgot. The good news? I had two GREAT moments this week.

I have been a busy, busy girl. And I’m not even talking about the 2 birthdays, Christmas and New Years. Those are child’s play.

We are preparing to move a family of 4 and 2 furbabies into our home. It is a sudden, unexpected change… and imminent.

Much work without digging and sorting, rearranging and casting off of things.

At the same time, I have been a busy, busy girl digging in my world within, sorting and casting off things.

I have yet to bring my camera into focus. Yet to find what causes me to jump out of bed in excitement to start the new day. I have found lots of things that are nice, would be nice, sound great etc.

But where is that BURN? Yes, I was in some angst between world without and world within activity.

I reached out to my guide and asked, “Is this common? Still seeking my heart’s desire? Still looking for that burn?”

The answer was yes. That was a relief because I thought there was something wrong with me. I was ready to pause on the course. NOT stop! No, no, no.

But Haanel’s lesson this week directed us to look at things, the negative and the positive. I let my tribe know that I felt I needed more practice working on and living in the positive. Nevertheless, I persisted.

I kept preparing for another major life and lifestyle change, maintaining the habits and pondering upon things. Here are two biggies that resulted from the aforementioned:

1. I figured out Haanel’s directions—it is emotionally detached, objective battleshipping… just as he described Tesla’s brainwork in a previous lesson. I can ponder upon things, consider potential hazards and difficulties (negative stuff) so long as I am emotionally detached and objective. If I start getting emotional about it, cease and desist—either use Law of Dual Thought or Law of Substitution—and I’ve been using both a LOT this week.

2. This program does indeed work. I had a moment that I would have reacted completely differently to months ago. Not only did I have the moment and react differently, I RECOGNIZED it IN THE MOMENT. And I knew that happened only thanks to this program and me putting the work in. Let me share…

There I was, sorting and snorting through things. I had gone through our board games, and boy do we have a lot. We love our board games and family game nights. Always have, always will. It is hard to part with some but, we’ve added new games and moved on from others. Time to let go of some and bless another family with good times and memories.

So, there’s the pile of games I need to box up to donate. My youngest son sees them. There is some happy reminiscing and conversation about good times… “Oh my goodness, I completely forgot about this game! This was is such a fun game. Remember when…”

But all in all, although sad about parting with this stack it was understood and accepted. EXCEPT, he suddenly grabs one and says “NO! we have to keep this game! We HAVE to play it with Bella. She has to experience this as a child and we don’t know if we can even find it anymore!” (Bella is his niece, my grand-daughter, who will be moving in with us).

Two major points for me during this moment.

First, historically I would have been on edge even letting others see the pile. There have been fights over me parting with family things before. This time, I was emotionally detached… not geared up to fight about it. It just was. I was comfortable and at-ease. That’s big for me!

Second, and this is a whopper—my heart melted and I bawled. I recognized in the moment that my 26-year-old son was envisioning playing with Bella (he always does play with her). But this was different.

This was something good from his childhood that he was passionately adamant about sharing with her. Something he feels she needs to experience in her childhood and HE is going to make sure that happens.

Not only did I bawl over the love for Bella he unknowingly expressed but also, in the moment, I recognized a positive program I programmed into him.

We as parents didn’t/don’t know what we are doing. Those of us with adult children get to see the fruits of our labor.

Those of us in MKE (Master Key Experience) can recognize some of the negative programming WE programmed in our children. Yep, it hurts and we use our new tools to forgive ourselves and become better—works in progress.

But let me tell you… it is a beautiful thing when you are in the moment, in the now, and see a positive program that you installed.

Yep, I keep reliving that moment. Over and over and over. I cry every time.

And I am so excited to play that game with my son and Bella.

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  • Inspiring , heartfelt share Ramona. So happy for you and your journey… from your tribe polos, zoom shares, and comments in Alliances and blogs, it is crystal clear that you are All-In! and are inspiring others as you lead by example.

    Trust your journey and the timing. I went on a mindfulness Nature walk on New Years Day- the guide gently reminded us that Nature doesn’t rush…when we choose to be in the flow and be present, all works out for the best.

  • Ramona, what a wonderful share! As a parent of a 20-something child, it is so huge when we see glimmers of “fabulous” in our kids!! Good luck with the transition…you’ve got the tools you need to be and share your BEST!

  • Such a fabulous moment you have come to understand that those things that would steal your joy and energy just aren’t worth it as you found the way, the law of substitution and so many others! Proud of you! What was the game? You can tell me in the mma if you wish 🙂

  • Thanks so much for sharing this heartwarming story Ramona. I’ve enjoyed reading about your journey and how the MKE program has changed your life in a positive way. I’m also glad your son insisted you keep a game the family enjoyed playing so that he (and the rest of your family) can share similar experiences with your granddaughter.

  • Ramona, this is a beautiful story about love coming from multiple directions – for your son, his for Bella, and an overflowing sense of love for your life and the changes you’re able to make. Congratulations – what great progress you’re making!

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