MKE Week 15 – Desire

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Recently, I’ve been listening to music I listened to in my teens. Doing this had me reminisce about those days and even brought me back to feelings I felt back then – Feelings of desire. It came very unexpectedly. Seems it’s not a feeling that’s with me daily.

Unlike gratitude, which lights up my heart, Desire seems not to be as present. Or so I’ve become aware of during my introspection of my past.

A burning desire can serve as a motivational force to have me fulfill my wants.

I’ve burned bridges in the past, but not recently. Perhaps I’m at a point where my desire to take risks has diminished. Or has it?

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  • How interesting that you are reflecting on desire. Though the thought has come spontaneously, you can direct where it will take you! Go for greatness!

  • Thanks, Joan. I feel good. I’ve had setbacks with my energy. But lately, it’s good again. The peaks and valleys of life.

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