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Law of Growth; what you think about, comes about.
Think of something? You see it everywhere.
No matter what … this law is REAL. Whether good or bad.

My derailment was due to people who are meant to be caring for my grandmother are not and then I found out it was rife, throughout the entire unit, and then I found out it is rife throughout the company and ALL their facilities! It stressed me out! I wasn’t sleeping and thought I was doing okay on 5 hrs max a night … then burnout.

I had to focus on this law, as it happened, so on this occasion I focused on her and her health improving and doing whatever it took, ONLY (besides, the bigger picture was too ugly and would take goliath to effect change for all), as they were hellbent on exiting her from life.

My derailment set me back personally, however my grandmother has made incremental improvement and so I am happy and now feel it is manageable for me, to also work on me again and get back up on the wagon before the horses bolt!

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  • Your kindness extended towards your Grandmother changed so much for her. Here’s hoping you give yourself the same love, kindness and commitment in every breath too ❤️

  • Sounds like you aced the Law of Substitution and the Law of Growth! Glad to hear your grandmother is improving.

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