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The holidays are over, but my birthday is coming up (so there will be a distraction if I allow it). I have not experienced a holiday distraction because Thanksgiving is not celebrated in the UK or Jamaica, but Christmas and New Year are.

Did I keep up with all the readings? I fell off the wagon, missed, doubled up or reconfigured the readings and the sit. On Christmas Day, I missed the sit, the last read, affirmations and the service card; I allowed the family fun to take over.

So I started the readings and affirmations (quietly), early Boxing Day. I thought I could catch up, but I did not. I found myself getting frustrated with those around me and beating myself up because I was not always present during conversations.

My mind wandered. I kept thinking negative thoughts such as the readings are easy — you should have stepped out or are you giving up or you may as well give your opinion during the conversation.

I realise I had a choice (we all have and make choices) and I need to take responsibility for my actions. And I did, the delays the day before and on Boxing Day were not a reflection of my persistence and desire to complete the daily activities, service, affirmation or sit.

Spending time with family was OK and there is no need to beat myself up and entertain the negative self talk. I am not giving up, I am finding a balance which suited that time and season. It was not a reflection of going back or giving up the MKE (Master Key Experience) experience and my growth.

I see the holidays as a sneak preview of the liberty I promise to manifest and the balance I have spoken about before which I will maintain.

Holidays and birthdays are some of the distractions however, I am making the choice to continue my journey. I have been told and believe the reward is powerful and definitely worth it.

Meet Sandra Smith

Sandra Smith is a best-selling author, writer, motivational speaker, career, personal life and Dreamlife coach and a qualified mediator with over 20 years’ experience in the Public Sector in UK.

She is currently enjoying a new rhythm, and the Master Key Experience is part of her journey. She has the pleasure of living part of the year in Jamaica.

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  • Sandra, what great skills of observation you’re developing. I truly admire how you dug in and looked at the situation to see where you had the power to make a difference — and an improvement. Way to go!

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