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What is “Insight”? I know, but do I really? Insight is understanding, but at an exponential level. “In Sight” is the most basic view…what is happening, who/what is involved and what action is occurring. It is, first, the event, as observed.

When we evaluate, we can ask how and why the event occurs, and what is the ripple effect of the event on us, and others around us. We can attach an emotion to the event, and we can decide if we embrace or reject the event and its effect on us.

We can choose to embrace and nurture the event or steel ourselves from it and its effects on us.

Insight is the ability to discern the true nature of a situation, especially by intuition. It is also a perception or observation produced by this ability.

As I mused about “insight” as it pertains to my DMP, I was pretty much caught up in the circular nature of the concept.

And then I remembered the question my Master Mind partner asked me several weeks ago, right before Christmas…she asked, “What have you done to advance your DMP?”. And I was stopped in my tracks…what a question?

And the answer was, I don’t know. But her question caused me to “incite” my mission. I needed to incite myself, to advance my DMP.

Since last Monday, I have been dissecting “insight” as it pertains to my DMP…what am I doing to advance my mission? As I see glimpses of manifestations in my life, I realized that the successes were all precipitated by small decisions. Decisions to move forward…to not be afraid of the enormity of my plan!

And so, I have been “incited” to action. I have enlisted the assistance of mentors in certain areas of my business life. I have allowed my creativity to present opportunities, and I have chosen to follow through to create action toward my DMP.

I’ve gone from thinking and knowing about the power, to engaging and creating actions to invoke MY power and advance my mission.

So, to, Ava S., my Master Mind partner, I thank you for throwing down the gauntlet.

To Haanel, a thank you for giving me the meditation time to dissect the challenge, and to MKE, a thank you for giving me the structure, within which, I am able to discern the application, to define the plan, and to continue moving forward to accomplish great things!!

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  • Very well stated! You have taken the next necessary step from knowledge that doesn’t apply itself, to taking action and utilizing what you know!

  • Hi Geri, This is a great question that your mastermind partner asked, “What have you done to advance your DMP?” We can all use this question for ourselves. Appreciate the share.

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