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This week had a lot going on for me. From switching scrolls to starting the Franklin experiment to hosting my first Home Business Presentation since starting the MKE (Master Key Experience) and also working my full time job.

Transitioning into the new scroll was the easiest part. I have always been told that I am the only me and should let my light shine for a long time so the information in the scroll isn’t something new but I do love how it goes more into depth and really digs into it.

It also talks about embracing your differences and using them to help you in your salesmanship. This is something that I would say that I don’t normally do. I try to emulate others that are successful and often find it hard to find my way of doing it. This is something that I am excited to work on.

The Franklin Experiment. This one has been challenging to me. I work from home and do not venture out much so trying to notice things around my house when it is just my family and our animals has been difficult, especially because the first one that I decided to start with was Courage.

I would notice things here or there like my 2-year-old son deciding to climb up the stairs even though he has fallen many times and got hurt. That to me was a sign of courage. Or my 10-year-old facing the fact that she didn’t finish all her homework and went to school ready to take responsibility for her actions. To me that takes courage as well.

My days and dots were little but I can say I was able to find some things each day. I think one of the things that got to me is that for me courage is doing something difficult that many others would not do.

At first, I had to remind myself that courage can be as big as sticking up for someone else who is not being treated the best or as small as crossing the street to get to the other side.

My other big thing was having a home business presentation at the house. I let this get the most of me this week and although I did see some changes and courage showing up, I know I could have done better if I just did it.

I let my old subby peek his head in a bit. I knew that the best way to get people to come to my home would be to pick up the phone and call but I allowed myself to say leaving voice memos through text or social media would be enough.

I can see now for sure that it was not enough. While I was able to connect and ask a few people to come, my goal was to have at least 3 people come. I had 2 say yes, but one bailed out an hour before it was going to start.

While yes it was a success for having one person come, I know I could have done better. I just let myself get in my old ways. I know they didn’t work before; I really don’t know why I would think this would be different.

I have learned my lesson and my next one will be much different for sure.

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  • Amy, the discipline you used is great considering all the hats you wear as Wife, Mom, Student, etc. All the things we do are preparing all of us to be better in some way. Glad you are in this class and keeping your focus on what we get to do.

  • Amy, thanks for the reminder that just knowing these incredible tools and tips doesn’t make them happen. We have to apply them and not slip backward. Life helps us learn, though, everyday. Thanks for the share!

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