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I LOVE the Success and Gratitude Cards. For some reason I like these more than anything I have done in the course.

I like the cards when there was just the writing on them, but then I started drawing little pictures of the situation. The colours. The shapes. This had a huge impact on me. I resonate with this hugely. I started showing these cards to others and THEY were impressed with the process.

I take the cards with me everywhere when I go on errands almost hoping to get in a lineup so I will have time to go through my cards. Imagine that! Not wanting to be delayed and now not TRYING to get in the fast lane. Big change to enjoying that aspect of life a little more.

I started thinking I would have to learn to draw better JUST to do these cards better. Imagine that. Learning to draw at 65. You never know how a small thing can change so much. I looked for better markers to DO the drawings. On amazon they were selling large sets for over $100 so I went to a dollar store and bought as big a set as I needed for $3.00
Then Mark suggested putting the basic colours and shapes inn all the cards. This was one more activity that I love doing.

Of course I have my DMP and Giving and Receiving cards ect ect IN with these others so I get to do those more often during the day.

Anyway, Thank you for all this process .

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  • It is amazing how we can get so much enjoyment out of small things and how small things can truly change your life. You are never to old to learn a new thing Randy, maybe take a class. How awesome would that be to get a new hobby you love!

  • Thank you for sharing the joy you are experiencing with the shapes and cards. Awesome how you are weaving everything together.

  • So great to hear that how those index card are making a huge change in your life. ❤️ I also love those cards. ❤️ Thanks for sharing Randy

  • Thanks so much for sharing how the index cards have changed your life in a positive way. I like that you’ve been drawing on your gratitude and success cards and showing them with others. What a great way to get Subby to fire and wire together the activities you’re doing on the index cards with the colourful pictures you’ve drawn on your index cards! 👍🏽Keep up the great work.

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