MKE Week 15 – New Year, New Me, No Way

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New Year Resolutions. Lose weight! Declutter! Be kinder! Go to church! Become a New Me! Blah Blah Blah! The list goes on and on.

At one time the idea of a New Year resolution may indeed have been stated in a serious manner, but it seems that everyone that makes one nowadays says it through laughter or a knowing grin that can be interpreted as having no merit.

Any resolutions that are truly stated need a reason, a plan of action, and the commitment to follow through. Losing weight aside, I think the one that almost everyone seems to mention is New Year, New Me.

I think this, like most all resolutions, is nothing more than hyperbole. I use the word hyperbole because it means “exaggerated statements or claims not meant to be taken literally”.

The idea that anyone can state on December 31st that starting on January 1st they will – “fill in the blank” – and expect it to come to fruition is asking for failure, especially when it comes to “New Year, New Me”.


Because any serous undertaking for change of any type requires, as stated above, a reason, a plan of action, and a total commitment. This is extremely true when it comes to changing who you are to who you desire to become. It doesn’t happen in two days or two weeks, or two months.

It is an evolving process that needs, above all else, a reason or purpose for the change. This can also be called a Definite Major Purpose or DMP for short. Without this a person can’t develop an executable plan nor have a lasting commitment.

You don’t need a New Year to start on a new journey. You can begin it at any time. You just need to be serious. No hyperbole allowed.

Commit your DMP in writing and review it daily. Develop an executable plan. Make a commitment that you will stick to. Most importantly, if you falter, just start over. Always keep moving forward.


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  • Love this: Most importantly, if you falter, just start over. Always keep moving forward.
    And you so right without a commitment to your DMP in writing and review it daily. The resolution stand no change. Thanks for sharing Charlie.

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