MKE Week 15 – October Sky

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I viewed the movie October Sky. I could see the Hero’s Journey.

A young man decided early in his life, that he did not want the same life most of his community had. He rejected that life before he knew what he wanted, but he was certain of what he did not want.

Knowing that did not help him. He was not very interested in school and his grades were evidence of that.

Then an opportunity presented itself that ignited a burning desire in him. He saw Sputnik fly across the October Sky. He created a mastermind to help him achieve his dream of building and sending a rocket into the sky.

He continued fanning the flame of his dissatisfaction and that burning desire, developing it into a career and a place in history.

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  • Robin This is a great movie, a clear example of the Hero’s Journey and a motivation to follow ours dreams too

  • Robin, that’s a great overview of a powerful movie. Thank you for sharing that. Can’t wait to see what inspiration it brings into your own life. I’m staying tuned for more!

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