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The virtues I admire and value in others reflect qualities I possess, yet I have struggled to manifest them. When I learned about the 13-week Makeover plan with the Law of Growth in Week 15, I was excited.

A makeover is a transformation into a new person with a new life.

– Mark Januszewski

The Power of Thought

Our negative self-talk frequently undermines our self-perception. When we fail to address these beliefs, they become ingrained in our identity. Whether we like it or not, these negative thoughts tend to surface when we are alone. The more we entertain negative self-talk, the more they manifest in our reality, which reinforces the belief and makes it stronger and stronger.

These negative self-perceptions deflate our spirits, leading to frustration, anger, sadness, or, in the worst-case scenario, depression. Ignoring these feelings only intensifies their impact. What you identify with multiplies. So changing those negative thoughts is critical.

You may be wondering how you can ever change those beliefs when you have enough evidence to back them up.

Everything Starts With Awareness.

You can not change anything if you are not aware of it. Everything begins with awareness. The first step is to become aware by identifying the virtues you want to cultivate and demonstrate. Instead of focusing on your flaws, you shift your attention to the virtues you admire and want to embody. It is a universal truth that what we focus on expands.


Virtue means a good moral quality in a person, or a good or admirable quality.
Quality means a distinctive attribute or characteristic possessed by someone or something.

Courage is the most important of all the virtues because, without courage, you can’t practice any other virtue consistently.

– Maya Angelou

You have all met people who have qualities you admire. Sometimes you do not recognize that virtue within yourself. They frequently lie dormant within you. Waiting for you to acknowledge them and for them to shine through you.

Embrace Your Uniqueness

Too many of us have tried to tone down our weirdness for friends or partners only to later learn that we were suppressing the best things about us. There’s no joy like the joy of being your strange self and finding that there are people who love you for it. – Boze Herrington

Dare to Dream

Imagine living a life in which you only see and are the person who embodies the virtues you admire in others.

What would your day be like, and what kind of difference would you make?

It all starts with awareness. Observing and identifying the qualities in others that you admire, as well as those you encounter throughout the day. It will help you understand their character traits, emotional impact, and how to allow these virtues to manifest within you.

The greatest virtues are those which are most useful to other persons.

– Aristotle

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  • The Franklin Makeover is indeed a very powerful process, and on top of the positive results you are brilliantly reporting here, it also help us realize that the virtue we are currently observing around us is also already within us, otherwise we could just not see it outside. Great insightful post, thanks Myrna!

  • Hi Myrna, thanks for sharing a beautiful blog full of insight and truth. I like how you see our weirdness or uniqueness being tamped down. Conformity doesn’t allow for the expression of our uniqueness. Exploit accentuate it as Og says in scroll 4

  • Are you in my brain, Myrna? I think you are. If nothing else, this class teaches us we are all the same in this way–the blueprints that have been programmed into us–the negative bias. Thank you for connecting and articulating these points so well.

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