MKE Week 15 – Truth and Insight

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Two things seem to stand out for me this week in the Haanel readings: Principle and Insight.

I will explore principle as fact and therefore truth first. He asks what is a vital thought, describe it. He says it must have principle. And principle is a fact or truth. So, facts are mathematical in nature as they can be proven. There are such things as Truth, health, light and abundance all if true negate the opposite.

These things are thought to be self-evident facts. Thought containing truth is vital, in order to have life and take root thereby enabling it to displace negative thoughts which have no life unless we work from the error side of deception, dis ease, darkness and lack.

As I look out into the world it seems to me that one must have an awakened mind to discern this as Haanel says, much overlooked fact. Why the fuss over being awake. Perhaps mannequins are preferred to self-directed thinkers?

“There can be no question but that he who “is wise enough to understand” will readily recognize that the creative power of thought places an invincible weapon in his hands and makes him master of destiny. Charles Haanel, Master Key System 15:28

The dictionary: Insight; the capacity to gain an accurate and deep intuitive understanding of a person or a thing. Middle English; in the sense ‘inner sight, wisdom.

Haanel equates it to a telescope. I tend to see it as the intuitive mind or soulful self if you will, viewing outward and gaining a vision of what is in front of you and getting a direction and a plan, as Haanel suggest in the exercise for the week.

The thing about having this ability goes back to the discussion on language and higher planes and consciousness. Whereas the words and pictures that the conscious mind sends to the intuitive mind have much to do with the insight and wisdom that unfolds.

Happy 2024 To All! Love, Light and Peace

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