MKE Week 5 – A Fun Day!

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Today I had a fun day. I woke up early and commented and liked lots of Kindness posts on the MKE (Master Key Experience) Kindness page.

And as usual the system told me it detected spam and blocked me from liking or commenting on Kindness posts. I was not deterred; I came back multiple times and refreshed the Kindness page.

I noticed my landlord’s cyclamens needed water so I watered them. I rejoiced when the four wilted cyclamens recovered, especially the last one. I did my happy dance and danced like nobody was watching. (If anyone did see my happy dance the individual(s) would have a good laugh…and I would have laughed with the individual(s)!)

I laughed when a scammer tried to scam my landlord and told him he won a big cheque from the Reader’s Digest Sweepstakes. My landlord cheerfully replied, “Oh, I’m so excited I’m going to pick up my cheque right now!” The scammer hung up the phone on him.

I had fun watching my tribe’s polos and the polo my guide sent me. All the polos brightened my day.

I sorted through the peppers in the fridge and got rid of the bad ones. I celebrated completing this week’s service (sorting the peppers) and my DMP (Definite Major Purpose) goal (eating healthy meals, especially fresh salads) by making a big bowl of Greek salad with the good peppers and other ingredients and enjoyed eating it.

I did it like I said I would! Woo hoo!

When hubby and I got home from town I was in such a good mood! I saw and was the recipient of several kindnesses. Two bank tellers helped hubby with a few things 4 minutes before closing and when the bank was supposed to be closed.

Two drivers on two separate occasions let us pass in front of them. I was also happy the sun was out and it was slightly warmer today than yesterday.

I asked hubby, “Want to do a happy dance with me? It could be fun!” “No.” I laughed and danced myself to the study room to load up on more serotonin from reading the Kindness posts!

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I’m a blue from the left coast, wet coast of British Columbia, Canada. My hobbies include collecting inspirational quotes, sending encouraging cards to people, crocheting, reading, writing, gardening, and cooking. I enjoy cultural community events, socializing with friends, and enjoying a home cooked meal with my husband.

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  • Very cool Deanna, life is so much more fun looking for kindness and it really is all around us if you are looking for it.

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