Week Four: Who am I: the true 'self'?

We are continuing to learn how to raise our awareness to the achievement of possibilities we didn't previously know existed.

Join us for an adventure in discovering your future self, clarify what you want your life to be - and plan the action to achieve it.

Reflections on Week Four 

I am a spirit with a thinking mind and a physical body that acts. When these three parts are in harmony, the result is prosperity, health, and happiness.

Understand that "I" is only to the extent that is controlled by the mind, then the internal world is controlled by "I" who is one with the Infinite "I", what is called God.

To achieve the desired result, it is necessary to seek inspiration and knowledge in unity with divine omnipotence in the stillness of silence of body and mind.   This can only be achieved with practice.  “I am what I decide to be.”

maria Pena

mke certified guide


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Wow, I did not expect to hear about neurons. A long time ago I listen to the audiobook Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, You Are The Placebo by Dr. Joe Dispenza. I believe I also have the book Becoming Supernatural.

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“A thought instantly triggers up to 40 billion synaptic connections.” -Mark Januszewski We have discovered in week for cutting edge Nobel Prize winning science that confirms that our thoughts create our reality. We were given control over only one thing in

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