MKE Week 14 – Boxes, Boxes, Boxes

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No Beach walk this week. Between super high tides and work to be done, there’s no time. Just got word that I will be having company for five days after Christmas so the push is on to finish unpacking and get my apartment into some kind of order before they arrive. So excited!

My daughter from Macau and my grand-daughter from New Zealand will be vising me! The whole family will gather to celebrate Christmas with the other grandmother in Kamloops, BC. This trip has been planned for ages but when those plans were made, I was still living in Saskatchewan.

Since I’ve moved back to the Pacific Coast, they changed their plans to visit me too. My son-in-law has to go back early for work, as do the grandsons, but the girls are coming!!

Now the work really begins! So many boxes still to unpack and I need furnishings like a carpet for the living room, storage shelves/drawers and most of all a bed for my guests. I just have a couch so the hunt was on! Finally settled for a futon and it was actually delivered a day early. Bonus!

Consequently, my classes have suffered this week. I did manage to read my DMP, Blueprint Builder and GS each night before I fall exhausted into bed but that’s all I can manage at the moment.

I promise things will get better!

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