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I watched the movie “Mully” and was amazed at this man’s dedication to making life better for others. His Definite Major Purpose (DMP) was to find abandoned orphans and provide them with a family that includes a warm and safe environment.

He kept a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) throughout the ups and downs, which were many. He had a Plan of Action (POA) when he sold his businesses and started bringing the little ones to his home. With so lofty a vision, his plan grew into building more housing units for his new family. His Master Mind Alliances (MMA) were his wife and their eight children. The children were resentful at first but over time they came to buy into his vision. His son and daughter even married two of the orphans.

In his early years, Mully had no desire to help anyone other than himself and immediate family. He had left poverty behind and became a successful businessman. He was content earning money, living the good life, having multiple streams of income, and earning more money.

He thought the Universe had smiled on him and he was set for life. Little did he know he was living beneath his capabilities. He was capable of so much more.

I am amazed at the work this man’s vision has accomplished. He was reluctant at first but eventually he surrendered and now the land is thriving, and the vision is larger than he ever imagined. What used to be dry land is now green and growing simply because he followed his heart.

I have all kinds of thoughts on him bringing the first batch of children home without discussing it with his wife. How about announcing he’s selling everything to finance a home for orphans without any warning? How about when his children were thrust into a life of sacrifice they did not ask for? Imagine the tension in that household!

What I find most interesting is that Mully did not have a vision until he saw himself in the Street Kids. Because of that fateful day when they destroyed his vehicle (because he wouldn’t give them any money), Mully realized that he was not a true success until he changed the lives of innocent others.

Kenya is a better place because of this man’s empathy and courage. The Mully Children’s Family is proof that persistence wins the day!

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  • It is such a powerful story! Thanks for sharing. I agree with you. At first I thought he was crazy, but he really did achieve amazing things!

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