MKE Week 14 – The Gratitude of Yin

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Yin and Yang. One does not exist without the other. The good you see from something you’ve determined to be negative is a mindset shift. Your conditioning – Your perception has it where you don’t see the good. No pain, no gain. I’m not talking about violating the rights of another. There’s no gratitude in that. That’s evil.

As a mom, I’m always grateful for doing laundry, putting shoes where I think they should go – and doing dishes – well, not so much doing dishes. But I’m grateful to do the dishes because I have food that dirtied those dishes. I’m grateful to do laundry because I have a family to care for. I’m grateful for organizing things in my home because I have a home. I have a family – I have a son.

You can find something to be grateful for in your daily activities. Think about it. The person you dislike. They force you to learn something new about yourself. This world is not without people that will cross your path and have you think – What do I need to learn here?

Gratitude – Connecting to Love

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  • That’s awesome! You’re right, there is always something to be grateful for. And acknowledging that just multiplies the gratitude.

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