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Only in the last 5 years have my recent mentors mentioned treating the brain as a whole brain. Doing so allows me to be present by allowing the synapses to fire however they will fire at that moment. I’ve always been a dreamer.

I remember idealizing as a young child a ballerina painting on our hallway wall to building forts with cardboard boxes, innocently connecting to the power I had to create my environment. We get what we focus on. No, I don’t live in a cardboard box – But I do live in a house that was once a painting on my wall in a former house. As for the ballerina, I accidentally broke that painting during a move, but the essence of that ballerina spirit lives in me.

Idealization, visualization, followed by materialization. Right brain, left brain. The great thing about this lesson was Mark’s teaching of the corpus callosum. The highway between these 2 hemispheres and how to have them work synergistically, idealizing the shapes with color and what each shape and color represents.

So simplistic yet so powerful.

Loving the process.

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