MKE 19: Transcendentalism and the Mind

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There is nothing in our world that wasn’t first thought of. Everything starts in the personal mind. Transcendentalism, the force behind the Master Key System, exemplifies the pivotal role of the mind as the primary force shaping physical, mental, moral, and spiritual domains.

Transcendentalism underscores the pivotal role of the mind in creation by emphasizing the belief that we have inherent knowledge and connection with the divine or a spiritual essence that also connects us all.

It places great importance on intuition, self-reliance, and the power of the individual mind to perceive truth and create change. Transcendentalists view the mind as a source of inspiration, creativity, and the driving force behind personal and societal transformation.

I was a Unitarian for 35 years. The best part was finding a large group of people who believed the same way I did about how important the human mind is in all creation. It is the only thing. There is no building, no abstract thought where are the people who worked on it didn’t start everything in their own minds.

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