MKE Week 19 – A Few Words About The Documentary “I Am”

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Last week, it was recommended to watch 1 of 2 movies. I watched “I Am”. (Teaser…the title comes from a most unexpected, interesting place)

I was able to watch “I Am” thanks to my tribe leader, Shirley, who graciously hosted a watch party.

I am ever so grateful for that because had she not, I most likely would not have watched it. And that would have been a tragedy. It is an amazing documentary. I did not take notes; I simply watched and absorbed. Ergo, I cannot quote or provide a summary.

I will tell you that there was so much fascinating, astonishing, incredible science in it that had me jumping and smacking my husband saying “they’re talking about…!” (Don’t fret for my husband…he works out and worries about me hurting myself when I do that.)

For any non-science people, please do not think this is a dry, boring, science/scientific documentary—it is anything but. It does include amazing tidbits of different tests, observations and discoveries.

Quantum entanglement. Vibrations. Frequency. Toroidal fields. The Schumann Frequency. These are things I’ve been digging into for years. These things excite me.

We all, each of us, have a toroidal field around us. We are electromagnetic beings. We are all exuding–something. All the time. We are all feeling and effected by other’s fields.

My goal is for my field to be LOVE. I want to exude positivity…love, happiness, peace, joy, excitement, tranquility etc. (excitement AND tranquility?? Yep!) Grow it. Make it strong and powerful. And MKE gives us the tools to do so.

No matter how fast or slow we progress, so long as we DO. And I succeed.

New and mind-blowing to me is the scientific observation discussed in the documentary regarding the interbeat interval. Everyone is familiar with the electrocardiogram (ECG) readout? The up and down line of a heartbeat rhythm? The interbeat interval is the “shallow” bumpy line readout between the high spikes.

It shows the person’s emotion!

I’m certain we all are perfectly aware that our hearts beat differently with different emotions but this is an entirely different level of being able to read a person’s specific emotion on that readout.

A part of me wants to re-watch it before writing this blog and share more and more specific info but I suggest you watch it. Nancy O has a fantastic suggestion…check your local library! Thank you, Nancy O.!

And thank you Shirley K for hosting the watch party!

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  • Thanks so much for sharing your inspirational and informative blog on I Am. It makes me want to watch it.😄

    I love that you want to have a field of love and make it grow and get stronger and more powerful.💕 I know it’ll be a reality in no time since you’re already showing all the qualities you want to exude.🥰

  • Thanks for sharing this Ramona. I got inspired to watch it.
    Love that you are expanding your toroidal field.

  • Great blog Ramona! So glad you gained so many insights and value from viewing “I Am.” I too was blown away when I first viewed it, and every time after I can more insights I can apply to my life.

    Extra shout-out to amazing Guide Shirley Koritnik for hosting the watch party!

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