MKE Week 19 – Clarity is Power

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This week I have been focusing on developing a clearer picture of my future self & to embrace the concept of my heroism. Who do I want to be? If I can define it with clarity, I now know I can achieve it.

I am so thankful for the tools I now have because of the MKE course. I feel like I know myself so much better and I’m growing into a person I can be proud of. Watching Finding Joe & learning much more about the Hero’s Journey was so helpful.

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  • Hi Dana, As you focus on your future self, you gain more clarity and can act on your new self.

  • That’s wonderful you’re finding new ways to define and explore your hero’s journey. You’re doing a great job and I’m cheering you on as you continue on your journey.🥳😄

  • So happy to read Dana that you know yourself so much better and your growing into a person you can be proud of.

  • Beautiful share Dana! So thrilled for you to recognize your own growth and giving yourself permission to explore what you really want in your life. Give yourself grace as you explore and gain more clarity along your journey. Cheering you on!

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