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I absolutely thoroughly enjoyed the Color Code Zoom!

I was so excited about the information shared that I sent my daughter the link to take Color Code. She completed it and shared her results.

I was surprised when she told me her color. She’s a White. I’m a Blue (I really did want to be a Red, but I am truly a Blue). It does help me better understand the challenges we’ve had, but it also means I have been given invaluable insight on how to communicate with her moving forward!

Such a beautiful gift given to us from this wonderful MKE Team.

My next step is to have my grandson son complete it which will help me improve how I communicate with him.

I look forward to using this tool with future business partners and customers.

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  • Color code is a helpful tool for communicating with others, and great to understand everyone language. Applying this with our family is the best way to start practicing what we learn in the MKE trainings, Congratulations Robin!

  • Robin – so glad you enjoyed the Color Code training and found it valuable. Bravo for applying the info for your communication with your loved ones and in your professional interactions. Using these skills is a gift to everyone involved. Thanks for participating.

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