MKE Week 19 – Developing Vital Forces

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In the Master Key Part Nineteen, we read 19:1,

The search for truth is no longer a haphazard adventure, but it is a systematic process, and is logical in its operation. Every kind of experience is given a voice in shaping a decision.

This had me recall the Laws of Dual Thought and Growth; Cause and Effect. Haanel reinforces this point in 19:13,

We have then come to know that Mind is the only principle which is operative in the physical, mental, moral and spiritual world.

I read that again. The power of that sentence had me pause recognizing ‘The Power’!

Then I visualized Haanel’s remarks of a static mind once engaged in thought of an individual operating upon the Universal Mind converting it “into dynamic mind, or mind in motion.”, 19:14. I paused again reflecting on my awareness of what is going on in the aspects of the world that I know of. Can you imagine how different my view would be if all were given “fuel”?  19:15,

In order to do this fuel must be applied in the form of food, for man cannot think without eating, and so we find that even a spiritual activity such as thinking cannot be converted into sources of pleasure and profit except by making use of material means.

I loved the final quote,

Silent thought, is, after all, the mightiest agent in human affairs. Channing

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