MKE Week 19 – False starts

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And everything else get in the way. You start thinking like you did before. You think with the negative peptides, this time will be the time for a reset.

Time is of the essence as they say. Do you go left or do you keep going right again and again? What will it take? Start at the beginning and move forward. Begin at the beginning with the end in mind.

Reread the chapters in Haanel and the GS. Relisten to the webinars, start again and move forward. Never too late to restart. Your journey is yours alone. Remember the Gal in the Glass and what she sees.

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  • Absolutely Suzette. What if you thought of it as a continuation from where you are instead of a restarting?

  • A good share! We seem to be harder on ourselves than others telling us. You know when to give yourself a break and find a new path within!

  • Suzette – Absolutely, it’s all about moving forward, even if it’s not perfect. Progress over perfection, every time. Remember, the only way to create change is to take action. Keep pushing forward!

  • Bravo Suzette! Embracing your Hero’s Journey and all the twists and turns along the way! I love how you are reminding yourself that each of our journeys are unique, no time for comparisons. Also that you are acknowledging what your highest self sees and knows, beautiful!

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