MKE Week 19 – Kindness Came Creeping In On Courage This Week

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As part of our Franklin Makeover, we are observing and identifying certain attributes in others as well as ourselves. This week my attribute to be aware of is Courage and I’ve been consistently hitting 50 per day with not much effort.

Today was different. There is the Maple End Package (Liquor store, CT has odd rules and names when it comes to alcohol)store across the street from my little monument shop and next to it is a parking lot and then a small string of 5 multi-family houses. Marvin is the owner of the Maple End Package store. My guess puts him in his mid-70s and he walks with a cane.

Well, earlier this afternoon, I just happen to be looking out my window when I see Marvin climbing this huge flight of stairs very slowly, with his cane. Im thinking to myself, this guy is NUTS!! By the way, Marvin and I are friends. I’ve been buying alcohol from his since I was old enough to buy alcohol in CT, maybe a little earlier.

Anyway, he got to the top and started banging on the door, eventually someone let him in so, I went back to work. About 10 min later I look out the window again, only to see he has now come down the stairs and is making his way back across his parking lot and into his store.

I quickly grab a business card that already has my landline on there and I write my name and cell number on there as well and proceeded across there street and into his store. This was the 2nd time within a week that I saw him do this and it made me very uneasy.

Again, Marvin is a friend. I asked him why I’ve had to witness him climbing this huge outdoor stair case with his cane and he informed me that he Owns the multi family house and his dead beat tenants on the top floor owe him 2 months of rent!

I gave him my business card and said “Marvin, I don’t ever want to see you do that again. The next time you need “rent enforcement”, just give me a call and I’ll climb the stairs and bang on the door to get you your rent.”

He looked and me and said, “Really?” and I said “Really”. He says ” I Just might do that” and I said “I Hope you do”

That’s All I’ve Got I Always Keep My Promises – Todd Armstrong

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  • Wow, so awesome Todd. Glad you are willing and able to help a friend. Thanks for sharing it was very vividly I could see him walking up to stairs. 🫣

  • That’s wonderful you offered to help your friend deal with dead beat tenants. I’m glad you care for Marvin’s safety and don’t want him to get hurt climbing all those stairs. You’re a great friend, Todd.👍🏽

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