MKE Week 19 – Listen to the Still Small Voice

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It’s amazing how when your life is cluttered with things that really don’t matter how hard it is to hear the still small voice. That voice that pulls at you to allow yourself the peace that you have been longing for.

It’s so easy to allow ourselves to be entertained and waste meaningless hours of trying to be someone else. We have learned that the obsession that people have is the desire and passion for more.

They want to be the man/woman who saves the day, they want to be recognized for their accomplishments they want to be Luke Skywalker, or Indiana Jones constant endless pursuit for fortune and glory.

We have learned the reason why people pay millions to football, baseball games, concerts and more! They are trying to fulfill a need within them, a desire that cannot be quenched until they answer the call on their life.

It is said that many are called but few are chosen, while this is true, it is also true that you ultimately have to decide if you want to be chosen. This is not something that you just happen to stumble upon, the call of the Hero’s Journey has been with you all your life. Many don’t answer it because of fear and uncertainty.

We must condition ourselves from being uncomfortable to wading the deep waters of the unknown, this isn’t going to be easy the mental condition requirement must be met. You must follow the 7 laws of the mind and master them, live them, breath them, do them!

You must grow gratefulness within you, and most importantly you must give yourself permission to accept your new reality! This journey hasn’t always been easy but it’s within you so you already know the way, you already know what you are called to do, so will you accept it? This is a question that only you can answer.

For those who have almost given up, if this was easy more people would choose it, but it doesn’t come without sacrifice and up to now I didn’t understand what that meant. It means being willing to give up who you were told you were, to learning to rub the magic lamp that is you and developing the new reality and real you that is slowly beginning to break through the golden buddha.

This is so crazy, as I was writing this I remembered that when I was younger, I was referred to as the golden child by a select group of people. I never forgot it and when I first saw the video of the golden buddha it made sense!

Until Next time, and there will be a next time!

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  • Inspiring blog Shannon! It’s clear you have been doing your mental exercises because you have claimed your own understanding of the Hero’s Journey and how it applies to your unique Life.

    I really appreciate your description of sacrifice:
    “It means being willing to give up who you were told you were, to learn to rub the magic lamp that is you and developing the new reality” And the next step, “giving yourself permission to accept your new reality.” Yes indeed, let’s Celebrate!!

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