MKE Week 19 – Open Up to the Possibilities

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Loved the colour coding lesson. Will have to watch it several more times to get all the information the program contained but it was fascinating.

What really knocked my socks off was the video by Amy Cuddy that Mark showed. I was shocked when I realized that all my life, I’ve been sitting with my legs crossed and my arms folded across my chest, making myself as small as possible at any gathering I’ve attended.

Wow!! I had no idea what I was doing to myself until I watched that video. No wonder my life is not as abundant as I want it to be.

Wonder Woman now lives at my house!! I have pictures of her everywhere and I assume the stance before every read of my DMP, etc. and before I go out my door.

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  • It is amazing how we see ourselves in others. So glad you are using the wonder woman pose. It is very empowering!

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