MKE Week 19 – Ready for the Message

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I found that the Color Code training that we received in Week 19 to be more interesting and informative than prior trainings that I have participated in on Color Code. But that may be just that I was more ready to receive the information.

A similar situation occurred many years ago, when I first read Og’s The Greatest Salesman in the World. For some reason, the Scrolls did not resonate with me, but I realized that they were important. I did not understand them, and looking back, they might as well have been written in Greek. I did feel strongly enough though, that I made machine copies of each of the Scrolls, and filed them for future reference.

Two years ago, when I was preparing to move out of the country, I had to pare down what I was going move, and the Scroll copies ended up in the trash can. Now that we are delving into the Scrolls in MKE, they make much more sense, and I don’t know why I had so much trouble understanding them back then, except for the fact that I just was not ready to receive their message. It’s funny how that works. Personal growth is very enlightening.

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  • Great blog Michael! Perfect examples of trusting the timing of your unique Hero’s Journey. Cheering you on!

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